MICKAEL MAZALEYRAT, A New Studio Album from the Traveling Bluesman
Planète, Mickael Mazaleyrat (Bluesiac, May 2021)
For years, Mickael Mazaleyrat has been thinking about his planet, our planet, the one we all live on. What has it become? What are we doing to it? What kind of world will we be leaving behind? Once again, he has chosen music for this narrative, as a spontaneous expression of his deep emotions. Through 13 new titles, swinging between songs and instrumentals, the author, composer, performer, and musician since the age of 8, wants to show the richness of this inner journey. Always accompanied by his faithful harmonicas, his jaw harp and supported by his machines, he joined a Toulouse studio to record a disk and capture his moods and emotions of the moment, to sing his traveling blues and express his vision. He materialized his ideas through the melodies he developed and parts of the compositions. He pushes his creative freedom ever further, not hesitating to recall the atmospheres of certain songs which were played on the radio when he was a child and which left their mark. Escaping norms, he mixes organic and electronic sounds with rhythmic loops on which he explores melodies with his harmonicas.
The album was well underway when the Earth seemingly stopped spinning, an illusion of a choking world that has been in overdrive for too long. For Mickael Mazaleyrat, even when forced to put down his travel bags, there was no question of stopping the trip. He explored even further. Over weeks and months, the former chef refined his recipes for humanist songs, calling on friends and relatives to accompany him on his intense journey in stillness.
Planète is a travel diary through Mickael Mazaleyrat’s universe: happy while melancholic, blue while gray, flamboyant and modest, rich in emotions, encounters and sharing, this album is life as he pictures it.


Mrz 01 2023



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